Build Your Own Kit

Build Your Own Kit

Got a difficult garage space to fit your storage into? Or have a specific design in mind? Then our range of build your own products can be the perfect garage storage solution! We offer a range of garage storage from slack wall panels and hooks, to shoe and bike racks to make your garage storage specifically suited to yours and your family's needs. We know there's nothing worse than losing all your tools when you come to doing DIY, so why not try our handy screwdriver holder and make your garage storage work for you!

Garage storage to suit your needs:

Our build your own garage storage kits mean you can alter your garage storage to your project size, or even change it as you get more tools. Our panels come in single or multiple packs to suit your needs and specifications. This means that they are suitable for both domestic and commercial areas.

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Slatwall Panels 2000mm (4 Pack)

Slatwall Panel 2000mm (Single)

Centre Joint Trim for Slatwall Panels 2000mm

Corner Joint Trim for Slatwall Panels 2000mm

End Capping for Slatwall Panels 2000mm

Bike Storage Rack & Basket

Golf Club Rack & Basket

4" Loop Hook

8" Loop Hook

4" Double Hook

8" Double Hook

J Hook

Multipurpose Grab Hook

S Hook

2" Single Wire Hook

4" Single Wire Hook

8" Single Wire Hook

12" x 4" Mini Basket

Mini Shelf

24" x 6" Middle Basket

Parts Box

24" x 12" Basket

24" x 12" Deep Basket

24" x 14" Shelf

Shoe Rack

12" Single Bracket

Screwdriver Rack