Build Your Own Kit | Bedroom

Here at Bedroom Storage Makers we want you to have the option to be Makers yourselves – why should we have all of the fun!? We stock a range of products that you can pick from to create your very own design of storage system, allowing you to decide the exact size, colour and functionality of the storage system for your bedroom.

As you can see by our ‘off-the-shelf’, pre-designed storage systems, we have three varieties of material: classic white, deluxe wooden and platinum grey. Each of these options makes for a contemporary storage system that will fit beautifully into your current decor. Take a look at our own designs of storage systems to get some ideas before you go ahead and plan your bespoke storage system.

How To Build Your Own Storage System:

Making your own storage system is so easy you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before! After you’ve measured your space and decided exactly what you’re looking for, simply choose the correct wall fittings and then get picking the accessories to go with it! You can choose from white, grey or wooden accessories, all of which are specially designed to ensure that every item of clothing has its own place; this reduces creasing as there is ample room, and removes the chance of musty smells by allowing air to circulate freely around the clothes.

Design Help and Ideas.