Golf Club Rack & Basket

by Storage Maker
The Golf Club Rack and Basket supports two full sets of golf clubs along with accessories. It is constructed of sturdy steel and finished with a durable coating.

The Golf Club Rack and Basket helps store and organise all of your golf gear. These garage storage solutions are part of our Slatwall Storage Accessories range, which means you can now store your expensive sports equipment neatly and safely in your garage or shed, whilst still being accessible for everyday use.

Ideal for use with Storage Maker Wall Storage Kits. You can snap the Golf Club Rack and Basket into Slatwall panels or mount it directly to the wall.

The basket is perfect for accessories such as your golf shoes, balls, gloves, hats and other golf accessories. This garage storage solution is a perfect accessory for any golf lover. Store your sports equipment safely and with ease.

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