Laundry and Utility Organisation Kit 2

by Storage Maker

Organise the Laundry or Utility room with shelving, a place to hang clothes and baskets to store all your washing powders, iron ... 

    • Top Hanging Rail x 1 ( cut to suit )
    • Hanging Upright x 3 @ 2300 mm, cut if required )
    • Wire Shelves x 3
    • Clothes Hanging Rail x 2
    • Shelf Bracket x 6
    • Basket Shelf with dividers x 1
    • Wall Stabiliser x 3
    • Weight 14kgs
  • Dimensions:  Width 124cm x Height 232cm x Depth 41.5cm

    Special Note: The Hanging Uprights can be cut to reduce the height, Shelving and Clothes Hanging Rails may also be cut to reduce width. If the configuration of the shelves and accessories don't suit you just change them around until they do, easy.

    Design Help and Ideas.

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