Garage Shelving Kit 3

by Storage Maker

"The Top Track Hangs Everything"

Simple and effective wall mounted garage storage solution!

Our garage shelving is designed to be easy to fix you just screw the top track to the wall, hook and hang the standards onto the track and slide them sideways into position. The shelves and brackets can then be positioned wherever suits you!


Total coverage: width 615mm x 2300mm high x 455mm depth

Product Description

The easy to hang system is versatile, simple to install, rearrange the shelf heights as required and leaves few holes in the walls.

  • Installing the easy hang system takes one-third of the time it takes to install a traditional shelving system.
  • The screw holes in the top track correspond with studded wall timbers standard 600mm spacing.
  • The hanging bars can be cut to give height adjustment.
  • Alter the shelving heights to suit your requirements.
  • Designed to be easy to be installed by just one person.

Heavy Duty Garage Storage Kit 3 (width of 615 mm set at 2300mm high)

  • 1 x 2030 mm top track cut to width
  • 2 x 2300 mm hanging uprights
  • 4 x 607 mm x 405 mm ventilated shelves
  • 8 x 405 mm deep shelf brackets
  • 2 x Wall Stabilisers

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