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Other Products

This flexible range of Garage Storage accessories includes shelving hooks, racks, baskets and boxes to organise your garage. These StorageMaker accessories are heavy duty and are designed to store everything you might find in your garage. Our accessories include golf rack accessories, basket accessories, bike racks and shoe shelves that simply attach to our Wall Rack Kits to provide simple, easy to fit and affordable storage solutions.

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Garage Storage Organisation Kit 200 (42 pcs)

Garage Storage Organisation Kit 300 (75 pcs)

Garage Storage Bay Connectors

Garage Storage Louvre Panels 3

Garage Storage Systems Steel Shelf Drawer

Garage Storage Systems Worktop

Sack Truck

Bike Storage Rack & Basket

Golf Club Rack & Basket

4" Loop Hook

8" Loop Hook

4" Double Hook

8" Double Hook

J Hook

Multipurpose Grab Hook

S Hook

2" Single Wire Hook

4" Single Wire Hook

8" Single Wire Hook

12" x 4" Mini Basket

Mini Shelf

24" x 6" Middle Basket

Parts Box

24" x 12" Basket

24" x 12" Deep Basket

24" x 14" Shelf

Shoe Rack

12" Single Bracket

Screwdriver Rack