Classic White Accessories

Classic White Accessories

Browse our selection of storage accessories and add ons in white. Customise your storage system!

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Top Hanging Rail 2030mm (White)

2030mm (Can be cut if required)

Hanging Upright 2300 and 1200mm (White)

(Can be cut if required)

Shelf Bracket 405 (White)

Ventilated Basket Shelf 400 x 600 x 90 (White) Including Dividers

607mm x 405mm

Pull Out Wire Basket 607 x 405 x 195mm (White)

607mm x 405mm

Pull Out Shoe Shelf 607 x 405 x 90mm (White)

607mm x 405mm

Wall Stabilizer (White)

Clothes Hanging Rail 607mm (White)


Pull Out Trouser Rack 607 x 405mmm (White)

607mm x 405mm