Shoe Storage Rack

by Storage Maker

This Shoe Storage Rack Kit is ideal for walk-in wardrobes, closets and for utilising small corners. This kit consists of 8 Shoe Shelves and a Shelf in Classic White and Platinum Grey.

Dimensions: Width 63cm x Depth 35cm x Height 230cm.

Capacity 35 pairs (max) of shoes.

Special Note: The height can be reduced. If the configuration of the shelves don't suit you just change them around until they do, easy.


  • Top Hanging Rail x 1, cut to suit required length 
  • Hanging Upright x 2, can be cut to reduce height 
  • Wire Shelves x 1
  • Shelf Brackets x 2
  • Shoe Shelf x 6
  • Wall Stabiliser x 2
  • Weight 10 kgs

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