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Bedroom Clothing Storage

Storage Maker has a range of clever storage solutions to help you organise your clothes, accessories, hats and shoes - and anything else you might keep in your bedroom, dressing room, wardrobe or infact any room.

Choose from Deluxe Wooden Ebony Finish, Classic White or Platinum Grey kits or Design and Build your clothes storage solution for wall mounted shelves, hanging rail storage, pull out baskets, shoe and trouser racks. You'll have everything you need to get started, right out the box.

The configuration of shelves and accessories in our kits are shown in an efficient storage format but can be assembled in whatever order you prefer and if you want to add more accessories that's not a problem either. It's very strong, versatile and adaptable to customise ensuring you can make the best use of space available in your bedroom, dressing room, walk in wardrobe or any room.

Browse our complete selection below to find the right solution for you.